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Atelier virtuel international sur la protection sociale, 5 - 31 mars 2007 - 22.02.07

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The ILO/STEP Programme and the Learning and Teaching Technologies Unit (TECFA) of the University of Geneva, with the support of the GIAN, are currently organising an International Virtual Workshop (V@W) that builds on the World Conference " Social Protection and Inclusion: Converging Efforts from a Global Perspective " held in Lisbon on 2-3 October 2006. V@W will take place online between 5 and 31 March 2007 and will be held in English and Portuguese. The topics discussed will be:

The Virtual Workshop is a formal follow-up activity to the Lisbon conference. It will provide a space for the continuation of discussions that began during the conference. Furthermore, the participation of special guests will bring new perspectives to enrich the debate with experiences and approaches from other regions. The workshop consists of moderated thematic discussions, open forums, exchanges and the sharing of documents and files.

Participants will be policy makers and practitioners in charge of the design and implementation of policies, strategies and instruments for social protection and social inclusion, as well as members of the research community.

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Small Grant - 2006 Atelier virtuel: Convergence des stratégies de protection sociale et d’inclusion sociale au niveau mondial

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