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Comment négocier les accords commerciaux: un résumé d'une nouvelle recherche pour les pays en voie de développement


Projet de recherche

Pays en voie de développement et processus de négociation commerciale

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OMC - Pays en voie de développement


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Developing country governments negotiate with other governments frequently over trade issues. Most developing countries are now members of the World Trade Organization and many of the rest are negotiating to join it. In the Doha Development Agenda, members find themselves facing multilateral talks of daunting complexity. The issues range from established ones such as market access, to the revision of WTO rules on antidumping, subsidies, and dispute settlement, to controversies over proposed new rules on investment and competition policies. Sometimes governments also negotiate to settle legal disputes about members’ compliance with existing rules. Many are simultaneously negotiating new regional and bilateral pacts as well.


How to Negotiate Over Trade: A Summary of New Research for Developing Countries
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