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Promoting Decent Work in Construction and Related Services: the Key Role of Local Authorities

Annual Call for Projects 2005


Although local authorities in developing countries often play a significant role in fostering construction projects and related activities, information and knowledge about their potential for promoting decent work (including the creation of employment) in such a sector through good policy-making and strategic allocation of public resources is still poorly understood. Publications on decent work have not acknowledged the potential role of local authorities but focused on the private sector. In addition, many development and aid agencies have not explored the full potential of such an approach despite the debate launched by the United Nations Habitat II Conference held in Istanbul in 1996. While a number of local authorities have been pro-active in implementing best practices related to decent work, many others still do not have the knowledge necessary to do so. This project aims at providing knowledge to reduce the gap between the two sets of local authorities.

The project will not only analyse how the construction industry could make an important contribution (in both the formal and informal sectors) to employment generation and the quality of work, but will also examine in what way local authorities could play an important role in such a process. Therefore, this project explicitly promotes the social and economic dimensions of sustainable development at the local level. Three case studies will be undertaken: in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) and Santo André (Brazil).

This interdisciplinary research project will produce a website and a monograph. These outcomes will contribute to clarifying a domain in which the literature is fragmented and composed of a large mass of so-called ?grey literature?. The research findings will also be presented as a manual, including a set of criteria and guidelines, to facilitate its practical use. The manual will include policy-relevant recommendations for decision-makers (local, national, donors, international organisations, NGOs). Alternative and "user-friendly" modes of dissemination, such as a...

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 209,000

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Research Output

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Promoting Decent Work in Construction and Related Services: The Key Role of Local Authorities
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