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Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Projects: Evaluating 12 Years of Cooperation

Annual Call for Projects 2005


The first Israeli-Palestinian international academic conference on water was held in Zürich in December 1992. It served as a prelude to the "water" component of the Oslo accords.

The conference represented the starting point of a long series of cooperative projects between Israelis and Palestinians aimed at addressing water-related issues in a context of shortages and conflicts over appropriation questions.

In parallel to the negotiations and official cooperation between authorities and governmental institutions of both parties intended to result in collective management of resources (on this subject see the study carried out by the Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) in 2004: "The Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee Assessment "), a great number of NGOs, academics and research centres undertook joint studies, research and field projects. These related mainly to resource evaluation and management, the recycling and treatment of waste water, trans-border management of ground water, and economic modelling of water usage. The majority of these studies were financed and assisted by third parties -- government development agencies, foundations/NGOs and international institutions -- interested in contributing to Israeli-Palestinian cooperation on joint projects.

The protracted deterioration of the political situation since the beginning of the second Intifada gradually halted all these initiatives, leaving only a small number of them operating in the field, under very difficult conditions, with the heavy responsibility of mitigating a difficult sanitary situation and disastrous water shortages.

The revival of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations however, opens up in the longer term the prospects for new action and the resumption of many cooperative projects which have until now remained blocked for political reasons.

According to scientists associated with the GIAN-supported research team in Geneva, internationally, in Israel and in Palestine, it is...

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 46,000

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Project Team

Mr Laurent Calligé , Coordinator, Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) .

Ms Valentina de Socio , Principal Member, Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) .

Mr Aniket Ghai , Principal Member, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) .

Mr Jérôme Meyer , Principal Member, Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) .

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Research Output

Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Projects: Evaluating 12 Years of Cooperation
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