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The Development Potential of Trans-National Migrants in the Health Sector in Switzerland

Annual Call for Projects 2005


Development - Diaspora - Health - Migration


The project, approved by the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN) in 2005 relates to the current debate on the common themes of migration and development: how can countries of origin profit in the best possible way from the human, social and financial capital represented by their citizens established abroad?

The contribution of migrants to the development of their country of origin cannot be dissociated from their statute, standards of living and integration in the host country. Consequently, this project proposes to examine the question of trans-national migrants through the common prism of origin and host country. The project proposes to adopt a sector-based approach, while concentrating on professionals and students in the health sector, where the proportion of migrant workers is very high.

The goal of this project is to offer new knowledge on the strategies of trans-national migrants in the health sector and to inform political decision-makers on the tools and programmes which maximize opportunities for trans-national migrants, and support their participation in the development of their home country as well as their contribution to the host country.

The research is designed to determine:

• What are the strategies (transfer of competencies, financial flows, investments, possible returns) of trans-national migrants as related to their country of origin?

• What influences do the professional conditions and acquisition of competencies in Switzerland have on the potential and desire to contribute to the development of the country of origin?

The project will use a qualitative research method, based on extensive discussions with three national groups of migrants, in several structures of the health sector (hospitals, medical duty stations, geriatric centres, home services) in French-speaking Switzerland.

Several results are envisaged:

• Preparation of policy recommendations for the countries of origin and destination, designed to improve their human resources management in the field of health;

• Creation of a...

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 125,000

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Project Team

Mr Frank Laczko , Coordinator, Research and Publication Division, International Organization for Migration (IOM) .

Ms Mary Haour-Knipe , Principal Member, International Organization for Migration (IOM) .

Ms Dina Ionesco , Principal Member, International Organization for Migration (IOM) .

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The Development Potential of Trans-national Migrants in the Health Sector in Geneva: Research on Subsaharian Africa
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