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Volunteer Computing for Africa: Third Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshop – Château de Penthes, Geneva - 5-6 September 2007

This workshop on BOINC, linked to the GIAN-supported project “Volunteer Computing for Africa” which will take place in the Château de Penthes, is the follow-up to the first and second Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshops. The organisers are David Anderson (UCB), François Grey (CERN), Randall Harbour (GIAN), Viola Krebs (ICVolunteers) and Christian Pellegrini (Univ. of Geneva).

The objective of this workshop is to share information about BOINC and projects running on BOINC through short presentations and informal discussions, in a relaxed, open and friendly atmosphere. The workshop aims to stimulate new developments and activities related to BOINC by allowing users to share their experiences and requirements, giving developers the opportunity to outline their plans, and stimulating new collaborations between participants.

The workshop (in English) will include:

For registration and more details about the programme, please email David Anderson davea@ssl.berkeley.edu and refer to BOINC website http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/WorkShop07 .

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