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WHO Lunch Time Seminar on Health Grids: The Africa@home Project – 17 November 2006

The large computing power made available through volunteer computing can be harnessed for health projects. Africa@home recruits volunteer computers in homes and offices to run a computer-intensive simulation program called MalariaControl.net, which simulates how malaria spreads through Africa.

In the 2006 tendering procedure Africa@home has received more funding from GIAN in order to adapt other epidemiological simulations for volunteer computing. In collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the project team now is in the process of evaluating the potential of other simulation programs to run on thousands of computers.

A presentation of their work takes place in the EB room of the WHO on Friday, 17 November 2006 from 12am30 to 2pm. Please contact Dr. Yunkap Kwankam from WHO for more information kwankamy@who.int .


Dr. Francois Grey, CERN : Grid technology and grid entrepreneurship

Prof. Christian Pellegrini, University of Geneva : The Africa@home project

Ms. Viola Krebbs, Executive Director, IC Volunteers : Volunteer computing for African humanitarian causes

Chair: Dr. Yunkap Kwankam, Coordinator eHealth

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