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The Olympic Games and other Mega Events and their Impact on Housing Rights – Media Conference, 5 June 2007; Public Conference, 14 June 2007

While major sports events can act as a catalyst for peace, dialogue and development, in some instances the preparation of these events has resulted in evictions as well as increased poverty, vulnerability and insecurity for affected populations. Often, the negative social impact of the event remains neglected.

The GIAN-supported research project "International Events and Forced Evictions", begun in 2004, has produced significant and policy-relevant results. In this respect, COHRE and its research partners are organising the following events in Geneva:

Media Conference to launch “Fair Play for Housing Rights: Mega-Events, Olympic Games and Housing Rights”, a critical study of seven past and future Olympic host cities (Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London) and the Games’ impact on the housing rights of their citizens and forced evictions.

Conference open to the public with the participation of numerous international experts who will discuss the research findings and consider ideas to mainstream housing rights into the application process for the hosting of mega events.

Concerning the Media Conference on 05.06.07, please contact COHRE’s Media Officer radhika@cohre.org , tel.: + 61 400 899 474.

For more details about the project, please contact the GIAN Secretariat, tel.: + 41 22 733 26 92, e-mail: mortier@ruig-gian.org .

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