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The Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN)

The GIAN is an international research network founded by the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute of International Studies (GIIS) and the Graduate Institute of Development Studies (GIDS). Various international organizations, notably the United Nations Office in Geneva and the International Committee of the Red Cross, have also participated significantly in the network's establishment. The GIAN benefits from the collaborative and financial support of the Swiss Confederation (Federal Department of Home Affairs) and the Republic and Canton of Geneva (Ministry of Education).

The GIAN's main objective is to create synergies among various entities, principally academic institutions and international organizations -- governmental or non-governmental -- to further the role of Geneva and Switzerland in the service of peace and justice. Promoting practical and "action-oriented" research and training activities is a specific characteristic of this academic network. Five themes are accorded priority by the GIAN: sustainable development, social equity, globalization and international commerce, intercultural relations and dialogue, humanitarian law and human rights.

The GIAN is governed by a Foundation Board that includes individuals appointed by the aforementioned partners and representatives from other international organisations and academic institutions, as well as the private sector. Two other organs, the Bureau and a five-member Scientific Committee, carry out a variety of tasks relating to GIAN activities as delegated by the Board. The Executive Secretary manages day-to-day operations and maintains co-ordination among the Foundation's partners.

The GIAN provides financial support to research projects undertaken by teams comprised of representatives from academic institutions and international organizations. The deadline for the submission of project proposals in the framework of its annual tendering procedure is 26 April 2006. The GIAN also proposes a "Small Grants" programme for funding not to exceed SFr 50,000.

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