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All Projects from the Annual Call for Projects 2002

Annual Call for Projects 2002 Global Solidarity: Towards a More Rational and Transparent Promotion of Micro-Finance Institutions

Micro-finance is an anti-poverty strategy that can make a tangible contribution to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal to halve poverty by 2015. However, contrary to ideas expressed by promoters of that strategy, with few exceptions, most micro-finance institutions do not fully recover costs and remain dependant on contributions from donors. This research project aims, firstly, to analyse the characteristics of an efficient, poverty-oriented micro-finance institution and determine whether all existing institutions are indeed...

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Annual Call for Projects 2002 Health, Human Rights and Legislation: A Special Focus on Mental Health

The Department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (Unige) and the Institute of Legal Medicine (Unige) have joined their efforts under the GIAN to undertake research in the area of human rights as it relates to issues of health and mental health. This research will determine the current level of knowledge and awareness among health students and professionals on the issue of the right to health and mental health and determine future training needs...

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Annual Call for Projects 2002 Inter-Disciplinary Training for Policy Dialogue in the Field of Education

The objective of this project is to develop new approaches, methodologies and synergies concerning "training for policy dialogue" and the development of an international discussion in the field of education/training, principally focused on youth education (12 to 18 years). Undertaken by the University of Geneva (Unige), the International Bureau of Education of UNESCO and the Summer University on Human Rights, this project is intended for persons involved with national and international policy dialogue on education, as well as with...

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Annual Call for Projects 2002 Structural Causes Of Violence: An Analysis Through The Human Rights Perspective

Within the GIAN framework and with its support, five institutions and three experts from the UN Commission on Human Rights are cooperating in order to analyse the impact that the lack of enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights can have on the occurrence of torture, ill-treatment, forced disappearances, summary executions and other violations of physical and psychological integrity. The project comprises a general analysis, along with an analysis of national situations. It aims to establish synergies between the project's partners...

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