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All Small Grants for 2004

Small Grant - 2004 Conservation, Poverty and Inequities

The overarching goal of this project is to analyse links between poverty, health, and the environment, and provide policy makers with research results to advance the Millenium Development Goals and World Summit of Sustainable Development Implementation Plan. The project aims to contribute critical input to deliberations at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between 17-25 November 2004. The Congress will attract more than 3,000 participants (scientists, policy makers, practitioners, politicians,...

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Small Grant - 2004 Development of a Methodology to Estimate the Costs of Improving Access to Safe Water Supplies and Sanitation Facilities at a National Level

Increasing the coverage in the supply of water and sanitation facilities in developing countries is essential in overcoming poverty and in reducing water-related diseases. The positive health impacts vary considerably depending on the quality of the water and sanitation services. It is also clear that the costs of different alternatives vary widely according to local conditions. Therefore, knowledge of the costs regarding water supply and sanitation, in addition to knowledge concerning environmental, institutional, social and political...

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Small Grant - 2004 Field Study of Humanitarian Negotiations (February - June 2004)

This study of field-based practice in humanitarian negotiations analyses the factors that prevent and enable successful humanitarian negotiations ongoing in four countries, all facing humanitarian emergencies. It aims to establish common understanding and good practice for future policy-making and capacity-building in humanitarian negotiations.

A comparative typology of humanitarian negotiations that also draws distinctions between humanitarian and other forms of negotiations will serve to develop questionnaires and interviews. The...

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Small Grant - 2004 Strengthening access to information on environment and sustainable development for key users and the general public by developing innovative e-learning methods and tools for the WSIS PrepCom-2 (17-25 February 2005, Geneva)

Access, use and sharing of information and knowledge are keywords of the Declaration of Principles and the Plan of Action adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society in December 2003 in Geneva (WSIS Phase I). WSIS Phase II in November 2005 in Tunis is recognized to be the platform for the development of concrete measures for the implementation of the WSIS Geneva 2003 Plan of Action.

Following the WSIS call for the development of pilot projects in education and capacity building, the proposed project aims to develop a...

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Small Grant - 2004 Towards Generalized and Equitable Social Security Coverage in Africa. Linkages between Public and Private Social Protection Initiatives Aiming at the Extension of Social Protection for the Poor and the Excluded in the Informal Economy

This project aims at finding practical solutions for expanding social security coverage in Africa. The objectives of the project are: to analyse on a comparative basis public efforts and community-based social protection systems; to identify and carry out a typology of the various mechanisms used in this area, to provide an overview of ways in which social protection could be extended, based on a combination of public and private efforts; to promote the research results in countries where the existence of community-based social protection...

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