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Marine Turtles, A Common Heritage of Humankind: Web Site of a Unique Research Project – 27.09.06

The project "Marine Turtles", begun in late 2005, is the GIAN-supported project where the term "action-oriented research" finds its most original expression.

Although the research is still in an early phase, the GIAN has elected to make the project's web site available to the public for several reasons. Educational and appealing, with photos and brief films, the site furthers understanding of the challenges confronting researchers and conservationists in their efforts to protect marine turtles and their ecosystems. It also provides unique insights into the "participative research" currently being undertaken off the north-western coast of Madagascar, research conducted locally but whose results are intended to extend far beyond. In a series of periodic reports, GĂ©raud Leroux, principal field researcher, reveals a world where tropical storms, turtle poachers, Chinese shark-fin merchants, and traditional beliefs interact to produce a captivating story.

The research team in Madagascar is supported and advised by numerous experts who are partners in the project. The research thus combines an interdisciplinary scientific approach -- natural sciences and social sciences -- and a participative component involving the local populations.

Randall Harbour
Executive Secretary

Marine Turtles

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