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Call for Proposals 2006 Closed - 27.04.06

The deadline for the reception of projects in the framework of the GIAN’s sixth annual Call for Proposals was 26 April 2006. Some thirty project proposals were submitted. We are pleased to note that the project proposals cover a large spectrum of disciplines and bring together researchers and practitioners from several different international organisations and academic institutions.

The project proposals are now in the hands of the Scientific Committee, which will evaluate their academic quality. The Scientific Committee then transmits its recommendations to the Foundation Board, which will take the final decision regarding funding.

The research teams will be notified of that decision by 20 June 2006. The public will have the opportunity to learn about the selected projects at the ceremony for the recipients of the GIAN grants in November.

We thank all the research teams for their interest in the GIAN and their efforts to submit their proposal in due form.