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Research Project

Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Reconstruction: Development of a Common Language to Improve the Response to Needs

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Post-Conflict Peacebuilding


Post-Conflict Peacebuilding comes at a critical time. Its rapid move towards the top of the international political agenda has been accompanied by added scrutiny, as the international community seeks to meet the multi-dimensional challenges of building a just and sustainable peace in societies ravaged by war. Beyond the strictly operational dimension, there is considerable ambiguity in the concepts and terminology used to discuss post-conflict peacebuilding. This ambiguity undermines efforts to agree on common understandings of how peace can be most effectively 'built', thereby impeding swift, coherent action. Accordingly, this lexicon aims to clarify and illuminate the multiple facets of post-conflict peacebuilding, by presenting its major themes and trends from an analytical perspective.


Post-Conflict Peacebuilding : A Lexicon
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