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Poverty, Equity and Rights in Conservation


Dr Gonzalo Oviedo , World Conservation Union (IUCN) .

Research Project

Conservation, Poverty and Inequities

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Conservation of natural resources and poverty reduction constitute two essential objectives for putting in place a more sustainable approach to development. Nevertheless, neither the relationship between these two objectives, nor their impact on the effective achievement of sustainable development, is clearly established.

A joint technical team with staff from both IUCN and IUED worked together on a project entitled “conservation, poverty and inequalities” - a first step towards bringing together analytical approaches with conservation practice. Taking as a starting view point that conservation of natural resources is often carried out to the detriment of the poorest populations (who are often excluded from conservation ones), the project considered the complex processes that connect conservation actions with the objectives of poverty reduction. More specifically, the project aimed to determine the social modalities that act to conserve natural resources without aggravating the lives of marginalised populations, and, if possible, that lead to an improvement in their living conditions. This is the essence of a socially responsible conservation (SRC).


Une perspective économique évolutive de la conservation socialement responsable
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Poverty, Equity and Rights in Conservation- Technical paper and case studies.
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