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Human Rights and Health: Exploratory Studies


Research Project

Health, Human Rights and Legislation: A Special Focus on Mental Health

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Health - Human Rights


A cross sectional study aimed to identify the problems of human rights affecting health was done among a panel of 125 experts (health professionals and human rights activists) coming from 33 countries between February and June 2003.

An Average Adhesion Rate (AAR) was calculated for each of the fifty proposals the experts had to consider as well as for 6 categories.

In a world perspectives the AAR varies from 75 to 90 % for the various categories (physical integrity, discrimination and intolerance, economic aspects, policy issues and democracy, social problems). In a national perspective the AAR oscillates between 67- 40%.

The consensus observed around the gravity of violation of human rights problems is modulated by differences in perception according to the profession, the sex and the level of development of the countries.

The study suggests that the opinions of the experts might be a useful information source about what health professionals and human rights activists consider as health and human rights priorities. The results corroborate the international concerns about the state of violation of human rights in the world.


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