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The History of the GIAN

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The History of the GIAN

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Edited by Randall Harbour and Edouard Dommen (texts in English and French), 2008.

The Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN) constituted a unique experiment in the history of academic, policy-relevant research. The GIAN’s specificity lay in its support to projects undertaken jointly by researchers from international organisations and academic institutions in Geneva and beyond. In seven years of activity, the GIAN funded 82 research projects for over SFr 12 million. Each project was conducted by a multidisciplinary research team including academics and representatives of international organisations. Projects dealt with a wide variety of topics, ranging from microfinance institutions and trade in endangered species to employment in post-conflict contexts and humanitarian negotiations.

Les liaisons fructueuses tells the GIAN story from multiple perspectives – those of the founders and staff, as well as the many practitioners and academics who carried out research within the GIAN framework. Taken together, these accounts provide a balanced overview of the GIAN's vision, functioning and accomplishments, as well as the context that led to its dissolution and the creation of its successor, the Swiss Network for International Studies.

Les liaisons fructueuses is available on line, or in Geneva through the Swiss Network for International Studies, la FNAC (16 rue de Rive), Payot Bookstore (16 rue du Marché) or the UN Bookstore (Palais des Nations, gate Prégny).


Les liaisons fructueuses. Des rencontres insolites de disciplines et d'institutions : l'aventure du Réseau universitaire international de Genève à l'aube du XXIe siècle.
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