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Négociations de l'OMC sur les biens environnementaux


Mme Maria Julia Oliva .

Prof. Anne Petitpierre .

M. Matthew Stilwell .

Dr Urs P. Thomas .

Projet de recherche

Transfert de technologie, commerce et environnement: promotion des synergies pour le développement durable entre l'Organisation mondiale du commerce et les accords environnementaux multilatéraux

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Biens environnementaux - OMC


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This informal roundtable discussion was organized in the context of the RUIG/GIAN project on Technology Transfer, Trade, and the Environment, which aims to increase awareness of the synergies between trade and environment in relation to access and dissemination of technology and promote dialogue between the trade and environmental communities. In particular, the focus of the roundtable was on the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on environmental goods under paragraph 31(iii) of the Doha Ministerial Declaration, which are considered to be an important opportunity to increase the flow of environmentally sound technologies, but are still stalled as negotiators struggle to address a number of conceptual, methodological, and political questions. Discussions acknowledged these difficulties, but also raised some ideas that may facilitate the definition of a “landing zone” for the conclusion of these negotiations. In addition, interventions reflected willingness to continue working towards a solution agreeable to all WTO Members. Finally, it is clear that technology-related issues are central in the debate and will be a critical aspect of any potential solution. It is hoped the RUIG/GIAN project will continue to contribute in this regard.


WTO Negotiations on Environmental Goods: Promoting Transfer of Technology for Sustainable Development?
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Advancing the WTO Environmental Goods Negotiations: Options and Opportunities
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