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Report: Seminar on the United Nations Human Rights Council

Research Project

The UN Human Rights Council – its Competence and Jurisdiction

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Human Rights - Human Rights Council - Office of the High Commissionner for Human Rights - OHCHR


This is a timely Seminar, taking place less than a month after the first session of the Human Rights Council and its first emergency meeting. Moreover, this Seminar is taking place only a few days after the informal meetings to set up the system of the Universal Periodic Review and of the re-examination of the mandates with the purpose their reinforcement and less than two months before the second session of the Council, which will take place in September.

It is certain that the Council represents in itself a great hope and it is a duty of us all to deploy all our energy to accomplish with efficiency and serenity its objectives. In this regard, OHCHR aims to support the activities of the President, H.E. Ambassador De Alba, and the Bureau, including the Vice-Presidents, such as H.E. Ambassador Blaise Godet, sitting at the podium. We have been impressed by their sense of purpose, conviction, the seriousness and sincerity of their efforts, which allowed the Council to deal with all the basic matters necessary in its first session.


Rapport : séminaire sur le Conseil des droits de l'homme des Nations Unies
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Report : Seminar on the United Nations Human Rights Council
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