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Highly Skilled Migration from Developing Countries


Research Project

A Swiss Network of Scientific Diasporas to Enforce the Role of Highly Skilled Migrants as Partners in Development

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Brain Drain - Brain Gain - Diaspora - Migration


Several key themes emerge when migration of the highly skilled is being discussed. In the past, dialogue centered around concepts of assimilation and integration, and migration meant a loss of capital and resources for countries of origin (“brain drain”). New evidence and literature document the increasingly fluid movement of resources between countries of origin and destination. Consequently, concepts such as highly skilled migrants, diasporas, transnationalism, brain gain and brain gain mechanisms - scientific diaspora networks, research and experimental development and North-South research partnerships - have taken the foreground in debates on migration.


Highly Skilled Migration from Developing Countries: Qualitative Overview of South African and Colombian Scientific Diasporas in Switzerland
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Highly Skilled Migrants in the Swiss Labour Market with a Special Focus on Migrants from Developing Countries
English | [102 ko] > download
Preliminary Findings of South African and Colombian Scientific Diasporas in Switzerland: a Qualitative Overview
English | [184 ko] > download