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Developing Countries and the Trade Negotiation Process


Research Project

Developing Countries and the Trade Negotiation Process

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Global economic governance depends on frequent negotiations among national governments and nonstate players. These negotiations determine how financial crises, environmental stresses, and trade conflicts are managed and who receives the gains and bears the costs, with powerful consequences for local communities around the world. Yet social science still does not understand the process of negotiation, as distinct from the issues on the table, well enough. In particular, negotiation scholarship has underrepresented the experience and needs of developing countries.

These countries have become far more active in multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations in recent years, yet negotiation scholarship has not kept up. What happens inside these negotiations between delegations and what difference does it make? What determines the outcomes? Do strategies of developing country negotiators make any difference, considering the power disparities they face? Is it possible to generalize about this complex international process?


Developing Countries and the Trade Negotiation Process
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