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A Platform for Peace: Synthesis of the Project 'The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva'

Research Project

The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva

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Geneva - Peacebuilding


This publication is an overview of the project entitled, ‘The UN Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva’, a project undertaken with generous financial support from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN). Over the course of 2007, the scope and ambition of the project have significantly expanded, and this joint initiative of the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva (QUNO), the Graduate Institute for International Studies (HEI/PSIS), and the GCSP is now being transformed into a significant forum at the service of Geneva-based stakeholders, for 2008 and beyond.

This document is a stock-taking of the project since its inception. Starting from a loose alliance of like-minded individuals and organisations who gathered to imagine how International Geneva could add value to the work of the (then) newly founded PBC, by 2006 the Core Group of stakeholders that steer the project agreed that our discussions and ideas needed a more tangible view of International Geneva’s capacities. The main question we asked ourselves was: Who in Geneva is doing what and where in terms of peacebuilding activities?

To answer this fundamental question, a study was undertaken as a quantitative analysis of International Geneva, with a mapping exercise intended to develop a portrait of the specific types of capacities and expertise that are found in organisations. Nearly 70 Geneva-based organisations participated in a sophisticated online survey. The responses were compiled in what has become the International Geneva Peacebuilding Guide, an online resource that allows users to conduct searches by organization, country of engagement, peacebuilding sector and activity. This dynamic resource is continually updated and is a first contribution to developing a peacebuilding inventory, a model that could easily be applied in other key UN centres or at the regional level.


A Platform for Peace: Synthesis of the Project 'The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva'
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