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Theories and Techniques for the Development of Collective Mournings


Dr Jean-Claude Métraux , Association Belongings .

Research Project

Peace and Social Reconstruction: A Study of the Paradoxal Dynamic between Individual and Collective Bereavement

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Psychology - Psychotherapy - Refugees


Psychotherapist for Refugees or Refugee from Psychotherapy ?

The author has practiced psychotherapy with numerous refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland over the past ten years. Between 2001 and 2002 he spent one year away from this practice in order to study collective grief in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Métraux, 2004). His contribution is divided into two distinct sections. In the first he offers a theoretical overview of the topic of grief in its individual and collective dimensions. He emphasizes the central role that grief, both that of the patient and that of the psychotherapist, invariably plays in psychotherapy with refugees. In the second part he shows, via an anthropological and social interpretation of the psychotherapy of one of his refugee patients, that the grief process experienced by the therapist leads to a radical revision of some of the seemingly immutable principles of psychotherapy. Depending on what type of reception this infringement on revered principles receives, and on our profession’s tolerance of inconsistency, the refugee’s psychotherapist may become a refugee from psychotherapy!


Psychotherapist for Refugees or Refugee from Psychotherapy?
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Techniques pour l’élaboration des deuils collectifs
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