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Tracking Environmental Impacts of Consumption: Models


Prof Gabrielle Antille-Gaillard , University of Geneva (Unige) .

Mr Damien Friot , University of Geneva (Unige) .

Research Project

Tracking Environmental Impacts of Consumption: Linking OECD and Developing Countries to Alleviate Negative Consequences

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developing coutries - ecology - environment


Production-consumption chains are getting global but environmental impacts induced by OECD in developing countries are still only loosely assessed. We present an analytical framework and a 12 regions inter-regional input-output model extended for CO2 to track emissions worldwide and to quantify the link between producers and consumers. It is shown that while emissions are largely occurring domestically for satisfying domestic consumption, some countries like China emit twice as much CO2 as required by domestic households. Emissions due to exports from China and India are mainly due their upstream position in production chains, i.e. to triangular trade. Adequate modeling requires therefore a true world model with a disaggregated Rest Of the World and considering full exchanges between trade partners.


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Tracking Environmental Impacts of Consumption: An Economic-ecological Model Linking OECD and Developing Countries
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