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International Humanitarian Law Applicable to Civil Administrations and Military Occupation


Research Project

The Coordination of the Rules of International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and Criminal Law Applicable to International Forces and Transitional Civil Administrations

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applicability of international law - armed conflict - Chapter VII - East Timor - Geneva Conventions - Hague Conventions - international humanitarian law - international transitional civil administrations - Iraq - Kosovo - military occupation - United Nations Charter - United Nations Operations


This research aims at determining to what extent international human rights law, international humanitarian law, national criminal law and, where appropriate, international criminal law apply to the activities of military forces and international transitional civil administrations (ITAs), when one or different international organisations intervene and operate in a State's territory.


The application of international humanitarian law and human rights law to international organisations (Research Paper)
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L'applicabilité du droit international de l'occupation militaire aux activités des organisations internationales
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