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Social Dialogue Regimes: Worker Rights, Collective Bargaining and Negotiated Policy-Making

Annual Call for Projects 2003


Collective Bargaining - Freedom of Association


This research project promises to generate important information on the desirability of particular labour market institutions and on the conditions in which these institutional configurations are sustainable. The project team will analyse the structural determinants (economic, social, cultural and institutional) as well as the socio-economic outcomes of "social dialogue regimes," i.e. socio-political regimes in which workers have the freedom to establish organisations of their own choosing, negotiate collectively over working conditions and participate through their associations in the design and implementation of policies that affect their lives. Not much is known about the conditions in which social dialogue regimes emerge and reproduce themselves over time and about the socio-economic outcomes (including macroeconomic performance) associated with them, in spite of the topic's importance. The area is dominated by two schools of thought. On one hand, it is often argued that questions about worker rights, collective bargaining and negotiated policy-making can only be meaningfully addressed after countries reach a certain stage of development. The other point of view affirms that negotiated regulation is desirable not only for its ethical and political properties but that it also has beneficial economic effects, because it contributes to ruling out the possibility of self-defeating approaches to economic development.

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 248,800

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Project Team

Prof. Djamel A. Zighed , Principal Member, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management , University Lyon 2 .

Research Output

Social Dialogue Regimes: Application of ILO Conventions on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
(available in English and French)
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Automatic Text Annotating: Methodology
(available in English only)
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Automatic Treatment of Legal Texts
(available in French and English)
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