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Operational Research to Reinforce Medical Monitoring to Improve the Living Conditions of Populations in the Countries of the World Health Organisation's EURO Area

Small Grant


Europe - Health - Healthmapper - Public Health


This project aims at providing ministries of health in the least developed countries of WHO's EURO area (Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe) a model for using the "HealthMapper", a tool for decision-making as regards public health. HealthMapper is a geographical information system developed by the WHO that collects and analyses information on diseases and possibilities for treatment according to criteria such as geographical site, medical coverage, accessibility to care centres, environment and climatic factors. For more information, please refer to the French version.

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 35,165

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Project Team

Dr. Bernardus Ganter , Principal Member, Regional Office for Europe , World Health Organization (WHO) .

Mr Johan Lemarchand , Principal Member, World Health Organization (WHO) .