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Analyse des critères et des conditions pour engager les acteurs armés non étatiques au respect du droit humanitaire et des droits de l'homme

Small Grant


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The overall lack of an articulated and universal legal foundation related to non-State actors (NSAs) has meant that the international community's relations with NSAs have primarily been concentrated on cease-fire agreements and peace treaties, which in many cases were the only interaction possible. However, the need for engaging NSAs has been increasingly addressed, mainly by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) using methods which are less tied to traditional frameworks. The example of Geneva Call shows that such engagements are possible and have met success. Nonetheless, there are not many similar initiatives and not enough work has been done on this kind of process. Further analysis and discussion on engagement processes and the possibilities for the creation of similar initiatives are needed.

The present project is jointly co-organised by Geneva Call, the Program for the Study of International Organisation(s) (PSIO) of the Graduate Institute of International Studies - Geneva (IUHEI), in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). It focuses on research and the organisation of a conference that aims at broadening the debate on, and advocating for, the engagement of NSAs to respect Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law by targeting a wide audience from UN agencies, International Non-Governmental Organisations and academics. It aims not only at making a case for engagement by drawing on the lessons learned from engagements, but most importantly by reflecting on policies for humanitarian organisations and for decisions makers. The validity of Geneva Call's approach (Engagement - Deed of Commitment - Implementation - Monitoring) will be debated during this conference.

La contribution du RUIG pour ce projet s'élève à CHF 45'008

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Equipe de recherche

Dr. Jean-Damascène Gasanabo , Membre principal, Appel de Genève .

Mme Elisabeth Reusse-Decrey , Membre principal, Appel de Genève .

Research Output

De l'exploration des critères et conditions pour engager des acteurs armés non-gouvernementaux pour le respect du droit humanitaire et des droits de l'homme
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