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La Genève internationale et la Commission de consolidation de la paix des Nations Unies

Small Grant


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In early 2006 the GCSP, with the financial support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, launched a project entitled "The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva". The main objective of this project was to assess the implications of the new United Nations Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) for international Geneva. In particular, it sought to explore how best Geneva-based stakeholders could add value to the work of the PBC, in terms of country-specific operations, norms and standards setting, lessons learned reviews and strategising peacebuilding operations. In parallel to a series of public events and discussions around these questions, the GCSP united a group of like-minded partners. The key partners include PSIS (HEI), BCPR (UNDP), QUNO and DCAF; the broader network of partners includes: DP III/IV, UNOCHA, Initiatives of Change, HAP-I, InterPeace, UNIDIR and UNOG, amongst others.

In late 2006, the Core Group agreed that a more comprehensive approach was necessary to concretise the investments in time and thinking that had been made. Collectively, Core Group members suggested undertaking an analytical mapping of the peacebuilding capacities and expertise of international Geneva, including comments on which structures and informal processes work well in Geneva. A high-quality online survey was produced, that has been completed by over 60 Geneva-based organisations involved in roughly 30 sectors that define peacebuilding.

Today, the project has gathered momentum, and its stakeholders recognise the project's timeliness and added value to international Geneva. The mapping exercise has provided the project with a comprehensive overview of the peacebuilding capacities of international Geneva and also, a unique analytical look at who comprises this oft-used, but ill-defined international Geneva community.

To showcase this investment, the GCSP will host a public launch of the project's findings on 12 September. The day long event will comprise two...

La contribution du RUIG pour ce projet s'élève à CHF 20'000

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Equipe de recherche

Dr. Fred Tanner , Coordinateur, Centre de politique de sécurité (GCSP) .

Dr. David Atwood , Membre principal, Bureau Quaker auprès des Nations Unies (QUNO) .

M. Raj Rana , Membre principal, Centre de politique de sécurité (GCSP) .

M. Andreas Schütz , Membre principal, Centre de politique de sécurité (GCSP) .

Conference(s) liée(s)

La construction de la paix et la Genève internationale - GCSP, Avenue de la Paix 7bis, 12 septembre 2007, de 9h30 à 13h
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This conference will present the initial results of a mapping exercise...

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Le défi de la construction de la paix – Contribution de la "Genève internationale" - Palais des Nations, Salle XXII, 6 novembre 2007, 9h30 à 18h
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On 6 November 2007, the GCSP will co-host with the United Nations Office at...

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Research Output

Une plate-forme pour la paix: synthèse du projet 'La Commission de consolidation de la paix des Nations Unies et la Genève internationale'
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