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Strengthening the Employment and Related Socio-Economic Dimensions in Response to Conflict and Natural Disaster Situations

Annual Call for Projects 2003


Employment and job creation is becoming an essential ingredient of any crisis response program, a fact that experience has highlighted in many crisis contexts and diverse urgent situations on a world scale. This critical area manifestly requires further research. This project will analyse the employment and related social and economic aspects of armed conflict, socio-economic crises, and natural disasters. It aims to provide a better understanding of the challenges for sustainable development and more equitable social relations, in light of the social disintegration, deterioration of employment and impoverishment that accompany various types of crises. It seeks to create a stronger knowledge base in a field that has been largely neglected, thus allowing for employment issues to be granted greater salience in crisis-related research within the Geneva research community and elsewhere. Furthermore, such research outcomes will go a long way towards sharpening the ILO in its crisis response function and ensuring that all concerned actors - national and international - are able to incorporate the employment and related socio-economic dimensions in their responses to crises.

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 190,000

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Project Team

Ms Eugenia Date-Bah , Principal Member, International Labour Organisation (ILO) .

Ms Alessandra Fioravanti-Levy , Principal Member, School of Translation and Interpreting (ETI) , University of Geneva (Unige) .

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