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Inter-Disciplinary Training for Policy Dialogue in the Field of Education

Annual Call for Projects 2002


The objective of this project is to develop new approaches, methodologies and synergies concerning "training for policy dialogue" and the development of an international discussion in the field of education/training, principally focused on youth education (12 to 18 years). Undertaken by the University of Geneva (Unige), the International Bureau of Education of UNESCO and the Summer University on Human Rights, this project is intended for persons involved with national and international policy dialogue on education, as well as with discussions on the transferability of educational models.

The project aims to: systematize interdisciplinary knowledge about the education/training of young people in order to contribute to the international debate on education/training at the secondary level and the question of the "transfer of models"; prepare training modules to encourage and develop policy dialogue in the fields of consultation/negotiation/communication and the construction of an integrated vision of the historical and comparative dimensions of secondary education; undertake, in co-operation with various partners, innovative and interactive training sessions on policy dialogue using an interdisciplinary approach and training modules prepared within the context of the project; suggest interdisciplinary approaches and activities likely to broaden and renew policy dialogue, as well as the international dialogue on educational policies, particularly at the forty-seventh session of the International Conference on Education (Geneva, 2005).

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 187,040

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Project Team

Mr Alfred Fernandez , Principal Member, Summer University on Human Rights (SUHR) .

Research Output

Political Dialogue and Education: African and Portuguese Experiences, in: Perspectives
(available in French only)
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Political Dialogue and Education, in: Perspectives
(available in Spanish and French)
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The History of Education and the Contemporary Challenge of Providing a Quality Education for All
(available in Spanish only)
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Secondary Teaching on a Global Scale: Seminar's Acts
(available in French only)
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