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Criteria for the Selection of Small Grants

Projects financed in the framework of the "Small Grants" programme must respond globally to the conditions presented under the section "criteria for the selection of projects" in the GIAN's "Call for Project Proposals". These state that projects must:

1). Be international in nature and fall within the purview of at least one, or more, of the following thematic areas:

2) Involve a real partnership between the academic world and at least one international organisation, formalised through letters of engagement by each party. Financial and/or in-kind participation by each party is expected.

3) Be action-oriented and interdisciplinary in nature. The GIAN welcomes projects that concern the social sciences as well as the natural sciences and engineering sciences.

Projects presented in the framework of the "Small Grants" programme should be able to be completed within a few days or a few months. They should not be exclusively academic in nature but should also include a practical component that focuses on real problems for which society expects solutions in the short- or medium-term. The GIAN favours innovative proposals and those that create new synergies and networks over those already established.

A project may be proposed by a team that includes a representative of at least one of the GIAN's founding institutions (University of Geneva, Graduate Institute of International Studies or Graduate Institute of Development Studies) and of at least one international organisation. It is expected that the participation of these two partners in the project be solid. The involvement of other actors - from the academic community, international organisations, the private sector or non-governmental organisations - is encouraged. Each project will be placed under the responsibility of a "project coordinator" who will undertake all operational aspects.