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Rules Governing the Use of Funds

In general, the GIAN transfers funds to the party in charge of managing the project. In most cases, the academic institution with which the project coordinator or the academic partner is affiliated manages the funds. The GIAN could advance, even before the beginning of the project, up to 75% of the approved amount. The balance for real costs, in accordance with the budget approved by the GIAN, will be paid after a report regarding the results of the projet and a financial report, including receipts, have been submitted. These reports are expected within four months after completion of the project.

As a general rule, the GIAN refuses to fund infrastructure, equipment (computers or otherwise), operating expenses for an existing structure, salaries other than those of assistants, and centers or institutions that will require long-term support. It is expected that participating academic institutions, international organizations and other partners will supply infrastructure and a considerable percentage of staff time under co-financing arrangements.

Compensation for travel and other expenses will be handled in accordance with the rules of the academic institution where the project funds are managed (University of Geneva, GIIS or GIDS). In cases where those rules are not applicable, the GIAN's regulations will apply. In special circumstances, the Executive Secretary may approve exceptions to those regulations. The GIAN reserves the right to establish ad hoc directives regarding the time frame and other requirements relating to the "Small Grants" programme.

The GIAN's financial support must be clearly indicated by the presence of its logo on all publications relative to the project in addition to the phrase: This [project] [seminar] [training programme] [etc.] is included within the programme of the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN). For additional information concerning the rules overseeing GIAN subsidies, please refer to the [Regulations Concerning the Rights and Duties of Recipients of GIAN Subsidies].