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Development of a Methodology to Estimate the Costs of Improving Access to Safe Water Supplies and Sanitation Facilities at a National Level

Small Grant


Drinking Water - Water Quality


Increasing the coverage in the supply of water and sanitation facilities in developing countries is essential in overcoming poverty and in reducing water-related diseases. The positive health impacts vary considerably depending on the quality of the water and sanitation services. It is also clear that the costs of different alternatives vary widely according to local conditions. Therefore, knowledge of the costs regarding water supply and sanitation, in addition to knowledge concerning environmental, institutional, social and political conditions, is an essential in assessing the sustainability of projects intended to improve water and sanitation facilities in developing countries.

The aim of this project is to develop a methodology for developing countries on how to collect and estimate costs of improving access to safe water and sanitation services including freshwater ecosystem conservation. This methodology could be applied at both the national and local levels.

Developing that methodology will involve the following major steps:

• Designing a conceptual framework according to two alternative approaches: an engineering approach and an econometric approach;

• Designing a questionnaire and a procedure for data collection;

• Designing a procedure for data processing, aggregation and interpretation;

• Organising a workshop that includes local and international water distributors and stakeholders in this field, to discuss and improve the developed methodology;

• Testing the methodology in a few chosen countries through local consultants;

• Writing final practical guidelines and a manual for countries.

The grant provided by the GIAN for this project totals SFr 47,600

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Project Team

Ms Laurence Haller , Principal Member, Water, Sanitation and Health , World Health Organization (WHO) .

Research Output

Practical Manual of Non Conventional Water Supply Technologies
(available in English only)
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